Jan 2, 2022

Notification on the increase of share capital of AS HansaMatrix

HansaMatrix (hereinafter – Company) has previously informed that in accordance with the decisions adopted by the extraordinary shareholders meeting on 16 February 2018 the issuance of the Company’s employee share options and the related conditional increase of the Company’s share capital was approved.

With the execution of conversion of employee share options, the Management Board of the Company decided on 26 November 2021 to increase the share capital of the Company by EUR 5500 (five thousand five hundred euros), by issuing new 5500 (five thousand five hundred) bearer shares with a nominal value of EUR 1 (one euro) per share, which has been registered in the Commercial Register as of 10 January 2022.

After the increase of the share capital, the total share capital of the Company comprises EUR 1 834 881 (one million eight hundred thirty-four thousand eight hundred eighty-one euros).