Environment, social, governance


Responsible approach at every step

Sustainability, which is closely linked to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), is integrated into our company’s strategy and business processes, constantly monitoring the impact of our economic activities on the environment, cooperation with suppliers and the local community, where engineering education is a priority.

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Effective growth

We believe that business development must be focused, supported by innovations and targeted investments.

We constantly increase the efficiency of our manufacturing sites using digital technologies. In turn, the annual goal of high value-added products production increase also determines regular investments in the its capacity increase, which will exceed 6 million EUR by 2025.

Excellent cooperation

Positive customer experience is our strongest asset, which we constantly improve to provide expanding technical options and add value to our customers’ business.

The development of customer service with new solutions for effective cooperation is one of the strategic priorities. Timely fulfilment of orders, quality guarantee and reliable cooperation are the basis of our business relationship. 


Reduction of the environmental impact is not an obligation – it is the responsibility for effective resource use.

We are purposefully investing to reduce the company’s electricity consumption and CO2 emissions by 3% every year.

Great place to work

Knowledge and skills can be crucial for quality, therefore limited number of engineering professionals is a national challenge.

In line with constant cooperation with leading universities in the development of educational programs, we develop the virtual HansaMatrix Academy and invest in a safe, modern work environment that promotes employee growth and positive internal culture.

Our values

Long-term customer trust inspires us and allows us to develop and cooperate with the best companies in our industry. We are constantly improving this synergy by focusing on the three core values that permeate the company’s DNA.








Continuous learning






Support and cooperation for the industry growth

LETERA, HansaMatrix
Cooperation with HansaMatrix, LEO
HansaMatrix cooperation and support
HansaMatrix testing systems
Supporting engineers, HansaMatrix
LETERA member

HansaMatrix is an active member of the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA). The co-operation focuses on the development and popularization of the industry, promoting the development of education and science, as well as creating the favourable environment for the development of new, high value-added products.

LETERA unites 90 Latvian companies, research and education institutions operating in electronics and electrical engineering, optical equipment, information technology and electronic communications, defence equipment, aviation and space technology sectors.

LEO Competence Centre

The company established by Latvian Electronics and Optics cluster companies and research institutions, which unites scientific partners and companies to increase competitiveness through industrial research, new product and technology development projects.  

HansaMatrix owns 14.6% of the capital of the LEO Competence Centre and the group companies participate in research grant programs administered by the company.

LEITC laboratory

HansaMatrix, together with other companies in the industry, has established the only accredited electromagnetic compatibility measurement laboratory in the Baltics – SIA LEITC (Latvian Electronic Equipment Testing Centre), which significantly accelerates the assessment of their compliance with “CE” and “FCC” standards in the new product production process.

Buildit accelerator

Since 2018, HansaMatrix is a member of the AIFP Buildit Latvia Accelerator Fund, investing EUR 150,000 to support start-ups.

The aim of the foundation is to create knowledge exchange and effective cooperation with start-ups, promoting their growth. The funding available for one support period is EUR 250 000 for companies operating in the IoT and the manufacture of various electronic equipment.

Support for engineering sciences

HansaMatrix is the regular partner of the RTU Development Fund. We have jointly implemented various projects related to education, we regularly participate in RTU career days, the grand graduation of RTU, as well as we provide annual scholarship for students in the field of electronics.

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