Mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation

In cooperation with suppliers, HansaMatrix aims to build a close partnership with stable deliveries and reliable order fulfillment. The quality of materials / service is always the highest priority, as this is the only way we can provide products that meet international standards to our customers.

  • HansaMatrix bases its operations on the principles of sustainability and ESG, and accordingly we expect responsible business practices from our partners based on high standards.
  • Cooperation takes place in strict compliance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, as well as in accordance with the HansaMatrix cooperation rules.
  • The supplier takes full responsibility for the quality of its products and provides all the necessary certificates, as well as their appropriate certification.


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Please get acquainted with HansaMatrix terms and conditions of supplier cooperation.


How to become a supplier to HansaMatrix?

Suppliers play a key role in the successful growth of our business. Promoting good relationships with existing suppliers, we are constantly looking for new partners to meet our worldwide requirements. If you are interested in starting a partnership as a HansaMatrix supplier, please read the terms of cooperation above and fill out the application form.

Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will become a supplier to HansaMatrix, howerver, you will provide us with information to evaluate your company’s experience, qualifications and offer.

Three steps to successful cooperation:
  1. Submitting an online Application Form
  2. Potential supplier due dilligence using international databases
  3. Receiving an e-mail or call from HansaMatrix

Apply for cooperation

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