Jun 4, 2022

After sales support services

Long-term relationships with partners and regular component market monitoring help to provide a variety of after-sales support options.

HansaMatrix after sales support services advantages
  • Accumulating extensive data on the production process of any product provides production data-based solutions to problems
  • Proactive action of specialists in case of identified or potential problems
  • Engineering profile quality team
  • Raw materials market analysis and escalation dealing with availability challenges
After sales support services options
  • Traceability data of the components used in all production processes
  • Detailed product non conformance and repair data
  • ·Repair and modification of manufactured products
  • Suggestions for product design optimizations that would improve efficiency, quality or cost
  • Providing support by suggesting alternative component suppliers and auditing them audit
  • Dedicated customer support team takes care of regular communication, providing up-to-date information and preparing various reports based on customer requirements

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