Dec 4, 2019

Project No. Q4 news

The delivery of LAS-BT-VIS lens alignment and inspection system by OptoAlignment has successfully completed on 25th of November 2019. The measurement equipment successfully reached Latvia on 19th of November and after a brief Customs clearance was delivered to Zemzaru 3 in Marupe – the optics assembly facility of HansaMatrix.  It is foreseen to set the LAS-BT-VIS system into operation by December 19 2019 during the visit of Opto Alignment representatives, which will provide support with the setup of the system and training of the HansaMatrix staff.

The LAS-BT-VIS optics inspection system by Opto Alignment was acquired as a result of open procurement procedure which ended on 20 of June 2019. The LAS-BT-VIS system was chosen as the best solution offering widest functionality at the lowest price. Opto Alignment is well established ISO 9001 certified US-based manufacturer of ultra-precision optical alignment, inspection and assembly tools ensuring high quality and swift technical support.  

The lens alignment and inspection system will enable HansaMatrix to perform quality evaluation of individual lens elements as well as perform precision alignment of multi-element assemblies. The system allows swift non-contact measurements of lens centration tolerance, wedge angle and radius of curvature. Overall it will improve the quality and yield of optical systems produced at Hansa Matrix Innovation.

The last subject of the tender – a 3D surface profiler module will be delivered and set up by the end of January 2020. The 3D surface profiler is an add-on module to LAS-BT-VIS system which expands surface characterization capabilities and will enable form measurements of aspheric and free-form surfaces for optical elements up to 50 mm in diameter.

The purchase of the equipment has been financed by project No. “Experimental production line set up for fabrication of volumetric three-dimensional image display hardware and components to them”.