Jun 0, 2019

Project No. Q2 news

Project No. Q2 news

HansaMatrix has succesfully finished Q2, 2019 in project No. “Experimental production line set up for fabrication of volumetric three-dimensional image display hardware and components to them”.

Significant part of the production line equipment has been delivered to HansaMatrix premises in Ventspils, the equipment has been installed and pre-tested for experimental production needs.

An open tender procedure has been held and the supplier chosen for supply of the Optical systems manufacturing station. This very new technology equipment is expected to be delivered on Q4, 2019.

The annual audit of project has been held by Central Finance and Contracting Agency of the Republic of Latvia on June, 2019. The project implementation has been evaluated as correctly made, no significant non-conformities aren’t found.

An open tender procedure for 4000 kN plastic production machine purchase is about to be announced on Q3, 2019.

Project total investment amount is 2.899 million EUR. EU and Latvian government grant amount is 1.015 million EUR. The rest of the project will be financed from the company’s own and bank loan resources.