Jun 3, 2021

Project No. 1.2 2021 Q2 news

Project 1.2 “Development of electronics for multifocal augmented and virtual reality displays”

Hansamatrix Innovation SIA in cooperation with Hansamatrix Ventspils SIA has successfully finished 2021 Q2 in the project  “Development of electronics for multifocal augmented and virtual reality displays”. 

We have involved more personell in project activities and plan to finsh the project earlier originally planned (November, 2021). 

Project team continued work on 2nd activity. In parallel work on prototype setup is in progress at Hansamatrix Ventspils in the framework of 4th activity. First PCB prototypes have been manufactured and tested. The PCB is based around a central IC – Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, that work as DisplayPort 1.4 receiver and implements two simultaneous DLP based projection engine controller and data output module. This is a cost / performance effective solution for the required functionality.

The foreseen duration of the project is 19 months, starting on May 1st, 2020. The total planned cost of the project is 407272.73 EUR, consisting of 279999.90 EUR (68,75 %) public funding and 127272.83 EUR private funding.