Sep 3, 2020

Project No. 1.2 2020 Q3 news

Project 1.2 “Development of electronics for multifocal augmented and virtual reality displays”

Hansamatrix Innovation SIA in cooperation with Hansamatrix Ventspils SIA has successfully finished 2020 Q3 in the project  “Development of electronics for multifocal augmented and virtual reality displays”.

In 2020 Q3 activites 2 and 3 are being carried out. In 2nd activity we have started design of head mounted display size PCB that replaces additional external electronics driver, thus reducing system volume and weight. Schematics are being developed, and the electronics system will consist of several small, rigid, and rigid-flex PCB’s, that will carry out functionality: DisplayPort data interface; synchronous projector and diffuser stack driving; system control. In 3rd activity we have made first samples of rigid-flex board assembly process.

The foreseen duration of the project is 19 months, starting on May 1st, 2020. The total planned cost of the project is 407272.73 EUR, consisting of 279999.90 EUR (68,75 %) public funding and 127272.83 EUR private funding.