Jun 0, 2019

Project No. Q2 news

Project No. Q2 news

HansaMatrix Innovation (HM-I) has succesfully finished Q2, 2019 in project No. “Development of a compact, high-brightness laser image projection system for application in volumetric 3D displays”.

According to the project timeline, HM-I and Lightspace Technologies has been working on first activity – Initial assessment of laser sources, spatial light modulators and optimal structure. Activities allocated time is two quarters (2019 Q2, 2019 Q3). During 2019 Q2 we have been working on several laser system designs, and analyzed various available spatial light modulators (DMD, LCOS, etc). Considerable work has been done in locating potential laser component suppliers. In 2019 Q3 we plan to finish one or two initial concept designs of optimal architecture.

Currently there is strong indication that first activities goal – Basic design of the implementation of the most suitable image project identified according to the defined image quality characteristics – will be met successfully.

The foreseen duration of the proposed project is 24 months, starting on April 1st, 2019. The total planned cost of the project is 816880.00 EUR, consisting of 553000.00 EUR (67.7%) public ERDF funding and 237000.00 EUR (29%) private funding.