Mar 5, 2021

Project No. 2021 Q1 news

HansaMatrix Innovation (HM-I) is in the finish line of project No. “Development of a compact, high-brightness laser image projection system for application in volumetric 3D displays”.

According to the project timeline, in 2021 Q1 HM-I and Lightspace Technologies were working on the 4th activity which outcome is ensuring most valuable project result obtaining phase – technology validation in a laboratory environment which results in prototype and protection of IP rights which results in patent application. We have tested developed technology in laboratory environment and the results are promising. High intenstity lasers combined with intensity modulation mode (implemented in our designed PCB’s) results in high refresh rate and color depth. The resulting in prototype that is one of the most important project results. We have prepared and submitted patent application on optical system including developed laser source therefore complying with IP right result achieving in the project.

Other results of the project, like reports and drawings of developed system are a milestones for further system implementation in production and further development. We are only in lack of one scientific publication which is in preparation and acceptance phase and if even not published till the end of project it will be done in closest time after project finishing thus completing whole project results, even those which are allowed to achieve in after implementation monitoring period.

We have finished project in defined time – 24 months and there are only administrative issues to be solved till the end of March 2021 to finalize the project completely. The total eligible costs of the project are as planned 816 862.71 EUR, consisting of 552 987.90 EUR (67.7%) public ERDF funding and 236 994.81 EUR (29%) private funding.