Apr 1, 2019

HMX launches laser projection system R&D project

Project “Development of a compact, high-brightness laser image projection system for application in volumetric 3D displays”

Hansamatrix Innovation SIA has signed a contract with Central Finance and Contracting Agency of the Republic of Latvia (CFLA) for project The project shall be carried out in cooperation with a partner Lightspace Technologies SIA and University of Latvia.

The main objective of the proposed project is to investigate and develop a high-brightness, high refresh-rate image projection system in a compact footprint with the primary field of application in volumetric 3D display systems. It is expected, that the actions of the proposed project will result in a functional design of the image projection system allowing to increase the image brightness and consequently the contrast of volumetric 3D displays.

The actions of the proposed project are oriented towards development and strengthening of a knowledge-base in key-technological fields which include micro-electronics. An image projection design with a previously unavailable set of characteristics will be researched and developed, contributing to the Hansamatrix Innovation portfolio of advanced products with high added value. Moreover, the proposed project will promote development of human capital in fields of high-tech electronics and optomechanical engineering by offering individual growth to young researchers and engineers tackling the problems of the proposed project, thus adding to the already existing extensive knowledge-base of Hansamatrix Innovation and LightSpace Technologies.

 The foreseen duration of the proposed project is 24 months, starting on April 1st, 2019. The total planned cost of the project is 816880.00 EUR, consisting of 553000.00 EUR (67.7%) public ERDF funding and 237000.00 EUR (29%) private funding.