Gatis Grava
Member of the Management Board and Ventspils Plant Manager

Date of appointment: 17 May 2021

Number of shares owned: 0

Number of share options held: 1200 (as of 31.03.2022.)

Positions held in other companies:

  • HansaMatrix Ventspils, SIA –  Member of the Board

Participation in other companies: no participation

Member of the Board Gatis Grava has been working with HansaMatrix since March 2020 and holds the position of Ventspils factory manager.

Gatis Grava has more than 14 years of professional work experience in Schneider Electric group companies in Europe, various management positions, procurement, supplier strategic development management, as well as developing supply chains in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Gatis Grava holds an engineering degree from Riga Technical University.

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