Jul 3, 2022

HansaMatrix revenue and business trends in Q2 2022

Based on the preliminary data, in Q2 2022 HansaMatrix consolidated revenue amounted to 6.47 million EUR demonstrating 7.1% increase compared to Q2 2021 and 7.3% increase compared to Q1 2022. The increase in revenue is explained by strong demand in industrial and internet of things sectors, as well as by launching manufacturing for recently acquired customers, predominantly in industrial sector in Nordic and other European countries.  

Macroeconomic factors – COVID-19 related impact to the operation of a Company is not observed. Overall energy cost increase related to electrical and heating, despite increased costs, represent relatively small share in cost structure and has limited impact on profitability.  

Increasing component prices and extraordinary long lead-times are still influencing business growth and volumes due to global semiconductor deficit, explained by the growth in upstream demand in data networks, automotive, medicine and IoT business sectors.  

Semiconductor component availability has not improved in Q2 2022 and is reported at the same level as in previous period. Industry experts and players expect the increase in manufacturing capacities come into operation, resulting in gradually ending deficit period somewhere in time interval from Q4 2022 up to Q4 2023.  

Associated company of the Group, Lightspace Technologies has started to sell next generation iG1050 AR headset into medical un defence markets. In additional to business activities, it raised bridge 2M EUR funding, and continuing to work with investor networks in North America.