Feb 4, 2022

HansaMatrix has received first manufacturing order from new aquaculture industry customer in Nordics with expected 5 million euros revenue in 3-year period

HansaMatrix has received first manufacturing order to supply aquaculture systems starting with Q2 2022. The planned revenue amount from cooperation with this customer is expected to reach up to 5 million EUR in the following 3 years. The new customer is located in Nordic countries and operates in industrial sector, related to aquaculture industry.

Customer name according to the concluded non disclosure agreement remains confidential.

The Management Board of HansaMatrix is pleased that the received manufacturing order confirms the ability of the team to implement a growth strategy in electronic component shortage circumstances, to utilize the accelerating nearshoring trend of the production relocation closer to domestic countries to reduce the current instability and uncertainty of the global supply chains, and strengthens market position of the Company in the region.