Jun 4, 2022

Electronic testing services

Guarantee the quality and functionality of your electronic products with HansaMatrix’s industry-leading testing services. We offer a complete solution, from developing customized test strategies to leveraging advanced equipment and expertise.

Unwavering Quality Control
  • Tailored testing strategies: Our experienced engineers collaborate with you to define a comprehensive testing plan that aligns with your specific product requirements. This may involve Flying Probe testing, In-Circuit Testing (ICT), and functional testing to ensure best test coverage performance.
  • Advanced testing equipment: We utilize a wide range of cutting-edge equipment, including:
    • Flying Probe Testers: Perform comprehensive electrical testing for faults like opens, shorts, and component value deviations.
    • In-Circuit Testers (ICT): Thoroughly test assembled PCBs by verifying component functionality and connections.
    • Environmental Chambers: Simulate extreme temperature and humidity conditions to assess product reliability.
  • Software development expertise: Our team can develop custom test software and LabVIEW programs to precisely address your unique testing needs.
Beyond Standard Testing
  • In-depth knowledge of diverse applications: We possess extensive experience in testing a variety of electronic devices, including those incorporating Bluetooth, GPS, and GSM/GPRS functionalities.
  • Traceable data management: Test results are meticulously documented and stored in secure online or offline databases (ERP systems) as per your requirements, ensuring complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

At HansaMatrix, we go beyond simply testing electronics. We provide a comprehensive solution that ensures your products meet the highest quality standards and function flawlessly. Contact us today to discuss your testing requirements and receive a free quote!

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