Jun 4, 2022

CNC turned parts manufacturing

Reliable manufacturing partners are crucial for any original equipment manufacturer. Finding a company that can deliver high-quality, precision components on time and within budget is essential for success. That’s where HansaMatrix, a leading CNC turned parts manufacturer in the Baltics, comes in.

Precise Solutions for Diverse Applications

HansaMatrix offers a comprehensive suite of precision mechanical component manufacturing services, catering to the demanding needs of various industries. Our team of highly qualified specialists utilizes modern CNC turning and milling machines with automated functions to deliver:

  • Expert CNC milling and turning: Ensure dimensional accuracy and repeatability for your critical components.
  • Seamless assembly: Benefit from our in-house assembly capabilities for mechanical and optical systems, minimizing production lead times and simplifying your logistics.
Unparalleled Expertise, Diverse Materials

Our team’s expertise extends beyond equipment. We have a deep understanding of various materials, allowing us to work with:

  • Metals: Ideal for creating robust and durable parts.
  • Technical plastics (PET, POM, PEEK) and composites (CDM, fibre-reinforced): Offer lightweight options with excellent functional properties.
Flexibility and Adaptability

HansaMatrix understands the unique needs of each project. We offer:

  • Production of medium-sized parts (max 1600mm): Accommodate a wide range of applications.
  • Processing of thin materials (thickness from 1mm): Ideal for lightweight and efficient designs.
  • High-precision manufacturing and assembly for complex products: Ensure superior performance and reliability in your systems.
  • Modern CNC cutters with automated functions for high precision works.
  • Team of highly qualified, experienced specialists adapting the production process to customer needs.
  • Processing of metal, plastic, and various composite material parts.
  • CNC production of medium-sized parts (max 1600mm).
  • Processing of very thin metal and plastic parts (thickness from 1mm).
  • Production and assembly of high-precision and complex mechanical parts for optical products.
  • Processing of technical plastics (PET, POM, PEEK, etc.).
  • Processing of composite materials (CDM, fibre reinforced materials, etc.).
  • Assembly of mechanical systems.

Partner with HansaMatrix to streamline your manufacturing process, ensure top-notch quality, and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements!

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