Jun 4, 2022

Box build assembly

Tired of managing multiple vendors and juggling logistics for your product assembly? HansaMatrix offers comprehensive box-build assembly services, designed to simplify your manufacturing process, and ensure top-notch quality.

What is Box-Build Assembly?

Box-build assembly, also known as systems integration, involves the complete assembly of a finished product, from housing design to the installation of various functional units and intricate wiring connections. It essentially transforms individual components into a fully operational device, ready for use.

Why Choose HansaMatrix for Your Box-Build Assembly Needs?

HansaMatrix offers a unique blend of experience, flexibility, and expertise to cater to your specific requirements:


  • Streamlined production process: We manage the entire assembly process, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors, saving you time and resources.
  • Reduced costs: Our LEAN-compliant processes and efficient production methods help you optimize costs.
  • Improved quality: Our commitment to quality control and experienced team ensure consistent high-quality products.
  • Enhanced flexibility: We offer scalable solutions to adapt to your project’s complexity and volume.
  • Faster time-to-market: Streamlined processes and reliable partnerships ensure quicker delivery times.

HansaMatrix Box-Build Assembly Options

  • Product assembly concept development: We work with you to design a customized assembly process that optimizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Development of LEAN-compliant assembly processes: Our expertise in LEAN manufacturing ensures a streamlined and efficient production flow.
  • Partial or full product assembly: We can handle any stage of the assembly process, from integrating pre-assembled parts to building the entire product from scratch.
  • Low to high complexity electromechanical assembly: We possess the skills and resources to handle projects of varying complexity levels, integrating both electrical and mechanical components seamlessly.
  • Ultrasonic welding of plastic housings: We offer this specialized service to create robust and secure enclosures for your products.
  • Automated device assembly with robotics: For high-volume production, we utilize advanced robotic solutions to ensure speed and precision.
  • Cable harness services: We can provide simple and complex cable harness solutions to meet your specific needs.

Stop juggling multiple vendors and complex logistics. Partner with HansaMatrix for a one-stop solution to your box-build assembly needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a quote!

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