Nov 2, 2022

Competition Council decides to allow BaltCap company SIA Emsco to acquire a sole decisive influence over HansaMatrix

As previously announced, the private equity fund manager BaltCap group company, SIA “Emsco”, registration number: 40203437904, legal address: Jaunmoku iela 34, Rīga, LV-1046 plans to issue voluntary share buyback offer to HansaMatrix shareholders in accordance with the procedures specified in the Share Buyback Law of the Republic of Latvia and has submitted a merger notice to the Competition Council.

The Competition Council, after evaluating the information provided by SIA “Emsco” and other information at the disposal of the institution, concluded that the merger participants and their related companies do not operate in one specific market or a vertically related market. As a result, the market structure will not change, competition will not decrease, and a dominant position will not be created or strengthened in the affected markets in Latvia, where the merger participants operate. Accordingly, on November 28, 2022, the Competition Council made a decision to allow SIA “Emsco” to acquire a sole decisive influence over HansaMatrix. (More information in Latvian:

In further process, SIA “Emsco” will apply to the Financial and Capital Market Commission to receive permission to make a voluntary share buyback offer.

The voluntary share buyback offer is planned to be made to all HansaMatrix shareholders in accordance with the relevant regulations and after receiving all necessary approvals.

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