Sep 0, 2023

Changes in the management of HansaMatrix

Photo: Maris Macijevskis (Hansamatrix publicity photo)

Maris Macijevskis is leaving his position as Finance Director and Member of the Board at Hansamatrix. He joined the company in 2017 and has played a significant role in developing financial and risk management directions of a Nasdaq-listed company, as well as management of investor relations.

M. Macijevskis last working day will be September 22 and Aleksis Orlovs, who once held the position of Council Member of HansaMatrix from June 2022 until May this year, will take his place. He has received higher education in business management at the Riga School of Business, as well as higher education at the University of Latvia. He has also previously worked for technology companies, moreover, he has held the positions of manager and finance manager for more than 15 years. Aleksis is described as a professional who prioritizes high-quality performance, operational ethics, and honesty.