Jun 4, 2022

Project No. Q2 2022 news

Semiconductor component availability has not improved in Q2 2022 and is reported at the same level as in previous period. Industry experts and players expect the increase in manufacturing capacities come into operation, resulting in gradually ending deficit period somewhere in time interval from Q4 2022 up to Q4 2023. 

Increasing component prices and extraordinary long lead-times are still influencing business growth and volumes due to global semiconductor deficit, explained by the growth in upstream demand in data networks, automotive, medicine and IoT business sectors.

The combination of above-mentioned factors slows down the business development, so the investments in development of the technology included in the project was not made. HansaMatrix plans to resume the investments in the third quarter of 2022.

 Project total investment amount is 2.899 million EUR. EU and Latvian government grant amount is 1.015 million EUR. The rest of the project will be financed from the company’s own and bank loan resources.