Supervisory Committee of the Bank of Latvia on March 1, 2023 has made a decision to allow SIA Emsco (registration no. 40203437904, legal address – Jaunmoku 34, Rīga, LV-1046)  to make a voluntary takeover bid for the shares of joint-stock company “HansaMatrix”.

The price of one share, according to prospectus, is set at EUR 8.50. The offer is valid for 30 days starting from 2nd March till 31th March at 4pm.

According to the information in the prospectus, the offeror SIA Emsco does not hold voting rights arising from the shares of the JSC “HansaMatrix” either directly or indirectly. The prospectus does not contain information about persons who act in concert with the offeror SIA Emsco or the JSC “HansaMatrix” as the target company.

Upon acceptance of the offer, JSC “HansaMatrix” shareholders are required to contact their bank or investment brokerage firm where they have their securities account.

For prospectus translation in English and in Estonian please click here