Mar 1, 2020

Project No. 2020 Q1 news

HansaMatrix Innovation (HM-I) has successfully finished 2020 Q1 in project No. “Development of a compact, high-brightness laser image projection system for application in volumetric 3D displays”.

According to the project timeline, in 2020 Q1 HM-I and Lightspace Technologies are working on 2nd and 3rd activity accordingly – development of the image projection laser system opto-mechanics and development of the light source control board and display interface, including corresponding control algorithms.

We have carried out research experiments with purchased optical elements to determine best solution for optomechanical aspects such as positioning of lenses. The optical part has been successfully designed and work is now focused on the mechanical enclosure of the light engine. We have found out that FPGA based system will be most suitable and flexible in order to implement and fine-tune the required control algorithms.

HM-I aims to finish the optical and mechanical design by the end of June 2020, as planned originally.

The foreseen duration of the proposed project is 24 months, starting on April 1st, 2019. The total planned cost of the project is 816880.00 EUR, consisting of 553000.00 EUR (67.7%) public ERDF funding and 237000.00 EUR (29%) private funding.