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Full cycle manufacturing

HansaMatrix offers a comprehensive range of services throughout the product lifecycle from product development to after-sales service.

Prototyping and industrialization

Development of the prototype and its quick adaptation to the efficient production process is crucial to a successful product launch. 

Advantages of HansaMatrix prototyping and industrialization

  • Rapid problem identification and troubleshooting at the prototype stage, provided by a wide range of engineers and specialists
  • Prototyping in a single system with series production, which ensures fast and smooth transition to high-volume work tasks

Prototyping and industrialization opportunities

  • Engineering services for product design and development
  • Engineering analysis of the prototype both before and after production
  • Customizable manufacturing process – from low to high complexity, assembly of small-scale printed circuits, soldering and other necessary technologies
  • Experienced and active engineering team that consults and solves current product problems
  • Development of high-precision metal parts and production tools with CNC machines
  • Detailed traceability of material use of individual components

Printed circuit board assembly

Leading printed circuit board assembly lines that provide the most efficient production of high-volume and high-complexity products as well as limited product series or prototypes thus ensuring competitive production costs and easy adjustable production volumes.

HansaMatrix Printed circuit board assembly advantages

  • High performance FUJI NXT platform standardized assembly lines for high volume production
  • Multi-stage automated optical test (AOI/AXI), which ensures high quality of the printed circuit board assembly process
  • Low cost manual assembly lines with selective and wave soldering process
  • Environment-friendly, RoHS and REACH compliant soldering process
  • Selective or whole product coating and encapsulating is available to protect the product from any environment
  • Preventive, zero defect quality management system with integrated production data verification, DFX analysis and assembly simulation
  • Component verification and assembly traceability system for the entire production process
  • IPC class 3 compatible production 

Printed circuit board assembly options

  • CAD and BOM data setup and verification, DFX analysis and engineering support
  • Automatic optical test (AOI/AXI) integrated into the printed circuits production process as standard quality control tool
  • Production tools and their setting
  • Engineering prototypes
  • Qualification samples
  • Post-processing of printed circuits (washing, cleanliness testing, coating, masking)
  • Encapsulation of printed circuits and modules

Precise mechanical part manufacturing

The company’s mechanical parts workshop provides milling, turning and assembly of high complexity parts. Specialized equipment and the team of qualified specialists ensures the production of different complexity components from different raw materials.

HansaMatrix precise mechanical part manufacturing advantages

  • Modern CNC cutters with automated functions for high precision works
  • Team of highly qualified, experienced specialists that are able to adapt the production process to the customer’s needs
  • Processing of metal, plastic and various composite material parts

Precise mechanical part manufacturing options

  • CNC production of medium-sized parts (max 1600mm)
  • Processing of very thin metal and plastic parts (thickness from 1mm)
  • Production and assembly of high-precision and complex mechanical parts for optical products (projection and lens systems, camera housings, etc.)
  • Processing of technical plastics (PET, POM, PEEK, etc.)
  • Processing of composite materials (CDM, fibre reinforced materials, etc.)
  • Assembly of mechanical systems

Box-build assembly

Full assembly cycle of finished devices from housing design to installation of various functional units or components and installation of wiring connections.

HansaMatrix box-build assembly advantages

  • Flexible production process with a reliable supplier network and fast delivery terms for all necessary components
  • Experienced and professional engineering and production assembly staff with more than 20 years of experience
  • Options of assembly process automation using various robotics or conveyor solutions
  • High competence in housing design for various hazardous environments and equipment protection levels
  • Fully traceable production cycle of the individual components of the product and assembly operators by unit and batch

Box-build assembly options

  • Development of product assembly concept as well as various tools
  • Development of LEAN-compliant assembly process and cost reduction strategies
  • Work with partially assembled parts or full product assembly cycle
  • Low to high complexity flexible electromechanical assembly and integration in manual mode
  • Ultrasonic welding of plastic housings
  • Automated device assembly using robotic solutions
  • Cable or wire installation solutions

Plastic injecting moulding

Department comprises 4 plastic manufacturing cells built around WITTMANN BATTENFELD EcoPower Plastic injection moulding machines automated by robotic parts handling. 

HansaMatrix plastic injecting moulding advantages

  • Ability to produce the wide variety of parts from all popular types of plastic materials
  • Extensive supplier network of quality and certified raw materials, which ensures the best material selection and also laboratory testing
  • Experience in plastic injecting moulding since 2019
  • Full product production cycle in one place

Plastic injecting moulding options

  • clamping force of 1100kN and 2400kN
  • Work with a wide range of plastics:
  1. thermoplastic PP, HDPE, LDPE, COC, EVA, ABS, SAN, ASA, PS, PC, PC+ABS, PC+ASA (with fillers);
  2. thermosetting polymers PF, EP, PU, UP, MF, MP;
  3. elastomers LSR, NR (partly)

Packaging and outbound logistics

We offer to prepare products for sale in ready-made packaging and ensure their delivery to any place in the world, using the service of the largest transport and logistics service providers.

HansaMatrix packaging and outbound logistics advantages

  • Packaging of any product in any order volume – from a series of prototypes to mass industrial production volumes
  • Opportunity to choose product-friendly and environment-friendly packaging, in cooperation with innovative industry partners

Packaging and outbound logistics options

  • Packaging based on customer provided information, the specified configuration and/or any other requirements
  • Large warehouse, which allows storing incoming materials and finished products, ensuring a continuous logistics process

Test systems development

Comprehensive engineering testing with industry-leading methods, including development of individual testing strategies, software and technical solutions.

HansaMatrix test systems development advantages

  • Extensive experience in testing electronic circuits with Flying Probe and In Circuit (ICT) testing method
  • Experience in functional testing and test system development, including in-depth knowledge of many specific applications such as Bluetooth, GPS and GSM/GPRS, as well as use of various specific methods such as LabView programming, JTAG, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of the development of traceable test data storage solutions as part of the HansaMatrix digital production environment

Test systems development possibilities

  • Development of product testing strategy as well as quality control plan
  • Design and development of customized automatic or manual testing solutions, including software, test programs, and comprehensive measurement and processing systems
  • Environmental tests adapted to different requirements, including temperature shock and other parameters
  • Traceable product test data stored in online or offline databases

After sales support services

Long-term relationships with partners and regular component market monitoring help to provide a variety of after-sales support options.

HansaMatrix after sales support services advantages

  • Accumulating extensive data on the production process of any product provides production data-based solutions to problems
  • Proactive action of specialists in case of identified or potential problems
  • ·Engineering profile quality team
  • Raw materials market analysis and escalation dealing with availability challenges

After sales support services options

  • Traceability data of the components used from all production processes
  • Detailed product nonconformance and repair data
  • ·Repair and modification of manufactured products
  • Suggestions for product amendments that would improve efficiency, quality or cost
  • Partner end customer audit
  • Customer support team that takes care of regular communication, providing up-to-date information and preparing various reports


Quality is at the core of our business

HansaMatrix is constantly improving its work processes to meet all corresponding international standards and meet the highest quality requirements of the customers.

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Key markets and industries

HansaMatrix is one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the Northern European region, cooperating with industry leaders in the transportation, telecommunications, energy management systems, IoT, medical and defence technologies sectors.

Optics & Photonics

  • 3D vision cameras
  • Heavy-duty digital and analogue cameras
  • Red dot sights
  • Surge arresters

Industrial & Commercial solutions

  • Components for printing and mailing machinery
  • Machine control systems
  • Hearing protection headphones
  • Automatic welding helmets
  • High-end audio processing engine for music industry
  • Navigation and tracking devices


  • Power failure indicators for electricity distribution networks
  • Payment terminals for vending machines
  • Smart metering solutions
  • Motion sensors for outdoor lighting control

Data networks products

  • High complexity and advanced data network products
  • Enterprise routers
  • Medium business switches
  • Radio frequency filter systems
  • Radio modules

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